Wednesday, February 15, 2012

It's Official: My Baby is adorable!

My dear friends Rylan and Jamie took a few pictures of Grace while we were visiting Arizona last week. Seriously how squishy and delicious is this baby?!?

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Sky and his Injuries!

Oh Boy. I think we should start an organization where Jordan and I get a gold star on Skyler's birthday because that is one more year we have kept him safe and alive!

Kidding. (sort of)

This latest injury was because he went to race up the stairs and his head met the railing.

Of course he only cried for two seconds and not at all in the doctors office. He really is the toughest kid I know.

It's a good thing because we were just in the hospital last week. Skyler and Thais ran into each other and Skyler ended up with a huge split down his tongue (I will spare you the pictures)

I think good insurance is going to be MANDATORY in the Monson household.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Kids say the darndest things!

It's true! Kids DO say the darndest things.

Especially mine.

Last week a friend and neighbor of mine came over to visit for a few minutes. I love this girl, so I was happy to see her, but a little bit embarrassed about the state of my house. It was a Monday, which is laundry day around here and my washer and dryer are attached to my family room, so any time I do laundry huge piles of clothes fill up the tiny room. I quickly guided her in the kitchen to get away from the mess only to find that I STILL hadn't done the dishes from the night before. I quickly started doing them as we chatted but to my dismay my kids started doing their typical, 'I'm going to show off for the neighbor routine'.

This routine usually involves things like running around like crazies, jumping off of things, talking gibberish get the point. After she left I pulled Thais aside and our conversation went like this:

Me: Thais, honey, it embarrasses Mama when I have friends over and you and Skyler decide to act a little crazy

Thais: I'm sorry mom. We just get really excited.

Me: I know, but you weren't listening to me when I asked you to calm down and it makes it so I don't want to have people over.

Thais: (picture her now a little upset with her hands on her hips) Well you know what embarrasses us mom?

Me: No. What?

Thais: This house! This place is a DISASTER and that's embarrassing too!


Good thing I adore this little fire cracker of mine!