Sunday, April 29, 2012

Thaisy's Birthday In A Nutshell

Table Decorated for Birthday Breakfast.

Thais got to open all of her cards from family and she made the big bucks this year (over $100)

                                                               My big 6 year old!

We brought Barbie and Kung Fu Panda cupcakes to her class!

Thais got to have a few friends over and we went to the movies.

                                         Beauty and The Beast 3D baby!

                                          I sure do love my six year old girl!

Quote Book  had a coupon for $15.00 off of a product from papercoterie so I decided to get a book where I can record my kids funny little quotes that make me laugh through out the day.

I love that I can record little things like Thaisy's prayer tonight:

"...Please help my mom take care of the kids. Please help her to buy medicine for my cold and not forget to buy nail polish like she promised...!"

Never a dull moment around here!