Wednesday, May 16, 2012

My Heart Is Broken!

We had a family who just graduated from the MBA program and the mom was pregnant with her third baby, a girl they named Frances, and right after giving birth the mom caught a virus that went into her blood and she died. Both Jordan and I cried and cried as we agonized over this little family. It feels a little too close to home, being that we just had our third baby girl not too long ago and we are in the same MBA program. I didn't know this family at all but I couldn't stop thinking about this little baby girl who will never know her mother in this life and I felt this need to express to her that I KNOW her mother loved her. I know because I am a mother and I know how you feel when you give birth to your baby, there isn't words for the emotions of love that you feel. I don't know what's with me and writing poetry lately, but I guess this is just the way I express myself when I feel something passionately. So here is my poem for baby Frances. 

 For Frances

A mother’s womb swells with life,
Sacred hopes and dreams take flight
She wished for you with all her might.
Sweet child you are her joy.

As time draws near her body aches
Sleepless nights she lies awake,
She relishes the moves you make
Sweet child you are her joy.

A blessed hour marks the time,
When mother joins with the Divine.
She bears her babe while her eyes shine
Sweet child you are her joy.

In a moment of tender Grace
God is thanked for your embrace.
She waited so long to touch your face.
Sweet child you are her joy.

God’s great plan, a mystery
Oft times the reasons we cannot see.
Your mother died that you might be.
Sweet child you were her joy.

Someday you’ll be a mother too,
Your heart will feel a depth that’s new.
You’ll realize how much she loves you.
Sweet child you’re still her joy!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Gracie's Poem

  It has become a tradition to write a poem for all of my babies and last night I wrote one for our Gracie Lou Who (this became her nick name last Christmas while reading the Grinch). So it's not much but here you are my Gracie girl!
Amazing Grace
My sweet baby you are your name,
soft and tender; a heart so tame.
I think our eyes are just the same.
My amazing Grace.

You watch your siblings with quiet wonder,
never flinch when they yell like thunder.
Love those chairs that you fit under.
My amazing Grace.

Your smile can turn the darkest frown,
Your words of “mama” – the sweetest sound.
You love those tickles up-side-down.
My amazing Grace

You’ve got long legs and fingers too,
don’t grow too fast my little “Who”.
Stay in my arms where I want you.
My amazing Grace

Time marches at a steady pace,
My heart takes pictures of your face.
Big or small you’ll be my Grace.
My amazing Grace!