Thursday, February 19, 2015

A New Tradition-Christmas 2014

My friend, Jennifer Avery, came up with the coolest idea for Christmas. She decided to do a restaurant at home for the kids complete with menus, mini dishes, Dads as waiters and Moms preparing the food. 

Here are the kiddos waiting for their waiters to come and serve them.

Here was the best looking waiter of the night :)

Poor Gracie slept through most of the dinner.

Some of the Mini Plates that were served.
Here are the Mamas getting the food ready!
                               The Menu
Gracie finally woke up to join the party!

After dinner was finished, the kids had to pay for their meal and Alex cashed them out :)
 All of the kiddos together by the tree waiting for Santa!
 Jenn miraculously found a Santa and he came complete with presents for all of the kiddos! Thais wanted Roller Blades
 Eli wanted to get off of Santa's Lap!
 Skyler, who Santa accidentally read his present as Skeeter, wanted a Darth Vader costume.
Grace wasn't quite sure what she wanted.
 All my babies together with Santa. He gave them all Christmas Jammies.

 All of the kiddos with Santa!

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